Tale of a Snail

Rhea D'Souza
2 min readAug 24, 2020
Picture by Rhea

“Don’t just stand there doing nothing…Do something” ..

….. Growing up I have heard this many times from my mom, in exasperated tones… and I have used it with my son and some friends often as well..ofcourse feeling very self righteous at that time.

I have also heard this being used by some teachers in my school .. and then…often under their breath heard them mutter “shameless”..or sometimes when it got too much ... the statement was followed by.. ”Have you NO shame”..

Sigh !!!!!

And so..just like that… we equated “doing nothing” with Shame.. and Doing ‘something’ with ..”Success” ?? (I don’t know what is the opposite of Shame).

It’s astonishing how much conversation of Self-worth is attached therefore, to doing..something..anything. And It takes so much effort now, to do nothing. (I can’t get over the paradox)

Today morning.. As I went for my run..I came across a snail..quietly walking on a cable wire.. and I stood there watching it move..carrying it’s home with it....slowly….Something in my ..also slowed down..

As I stood there for what I imagine might be 10 minutes or so… I could almost imagine the Snail..looking at me, taking in my running gear..”doing” something… And saying to me..

“Don’t just do Something…… stand there (and do nothing)”

humm……I should have listened to the snails ..growing up…

Note to self: Sometimes things moving at a snails pace is a good time...