Roses in the Wind

Rhea D'Souza
1 min readAug 21, 2020

Brave beautiful ravaged

yet it stood..

Tossed and blown in the strong winds

Drenched and wrenched in the torrential rains

I watch it continues to stand there..

Many a days when the wind howled

And the rasping sounded familiar

I have jolted up in the middle of many nights

And involuntarily gone to check on them..

my roses in the wind..

Their petals blown inside ..strewn on the floor .

some on my chair..

I have spent many undecided moments.. wondering

If I should bring the plant inside..and protect it…

And yet…yet.. something stopped me.

Every now and then I notice..

Despite the petal bare flowers..

Or maybe because of them

New buds are showing up

Maybe taking courage

Perhaps having more faith in their own nature

Perhaps having faith in Nature

They are resilient in their vulnerability

They are beautiful in the imperfectness

They otherwise gloomy day..beautiful

With the promise of life

Yet again.