My 2020 Journey..a Birds eye view

Rhea D'Souza
4 min readDec 7, 2020
Photo by Rhea

Some say I am bird brained, I take that as a compliment. :)I can also see why.

The beginning of this year, February 2020, Pigeons build their home in my balcony.. three cute yellow grey chicks came out…something very settling watching the mother sit all the time till they hatch..she become quite brave at these times..and I guess she needs to be to ward off the crows from coming closer…I must add these pigeons were very well behaved (unlike the reputation they seems to have. They never crossed the boundaries)

Our building was to be painted and, so a scaffolding was put up.Initially I was annoyed because it cramped the view of the sea a bit…but soon It was ok.

Because these bamboos now made it easier for the parrots to come in bunches and gorge on the sunflower seeds…….they seemed to like to be in groups.. Ofcourse the crows were a prominent permanent feature…I have a new found respect for their intelligence and empathy

This led to quite a few seeds dropping and giving birth to Sunflowers……and also some maize..the pigeons are also messy eaters……I was quite thrilled!but also unprepared..for what happened next.

Then came the sun birds for the sunflower I guess… and myna..and some butterflies and a couple of bees..

Oh and not to forget a Monkey who visited us a few times..and once came into the kitchen at night and from the fruit basked took only the bananas..not at all touched the other fruits that were kept in the same fruit basket..(I must keep this in mind when I go shopping)

And then last month an eagle (or technically a kite) started to visit my balcony…. I, of course don’t feed it but she started coming nevertheless…and then slowly came her mate… he is bigger..and so I know this one is a she.. I call her Tara. She came and sat.. and they have now chosen to build their nest above my kitchen balcony…interesting …from a Pigeon to an Eagle

Every morning they come .. clean their beaks.. eat..mate ..and then start to pull the ropes(that have kept the scaffolding up) to use as material for their nest….It’s beautiful and intriguing to watch them..the dedication and single mindedness with which they are doing it….I see when one brings the house building material the other brings some food items (I am not at all curious to find out what..because often it is moving, in a real, and not in a sentimental way.). They are powerful and graceful at the same time. I notice the crows come at them too..but they take no notice.

I remember a few years ago when I saw an eagle land on my balcony sill (different house) I was sacred..It was so big and so close…I was use to sparrows and pigeon only.

and now..this unfolding…..

I sit and reflect at how the scaffolding may not be needed anymore…and the ropes are slowly but surely getting undone.